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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few of the more common questions our team is asked by companies exploring manufacturing options in Mexico.

How hard it is to do business in Mexico?
As with any country, Mexico has rules, regulations and accounting procedures that must be followed. One of the benefits of utilizing MMS as a shelter provider is that we take care of those issues. More importantly, as part of our process, we walk you through the pros and cons of the various business options you can choose. You are not locked into a long-term shelter arrangement unless you choose that option.

Are Mexican employees as productive as workers in other countries?
Work ethic in is Mexico is strong. Tecate offers advantages in this area as well. Unlike many of the larger border cities, Tecate offers a stable, resident workforce who value the quality of life in this region. MMS builds on this by teaming with customers to offer focused training in continuous improvement and any other workplace skills deemed necessary.

Is turnover a problem?
Turnover is often influenced by labor practices. At MMS, we recommend a package of benefits designed to help minimize worker turnover by ensuring good workplace quality of life.

Is there a convenient border crossing?
The border crossing at Tecate is open from 5 am to 11 pm daily.

Is Tecate safe?
Tecate’s hasn’t experienced the violence found in many larger border cities. But as with any business travel situation, visitors should be cautious and secure their valuables.




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