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Corporate Overview

Manufacturing Management Solutions (MMS) has been helping companies manufacture products in Mexico since 2002. Our formula is simple: provide high quality service and solutions customized to each client’s needs at a competitive price.

MMS is headquartered in downtown Tecate, in the Mexican state of Baja California. This location provides the convenience of proximity to the U.S. border, in a city that is lower cost and less transient than many of its larger border city counterparts. We offer a complete solution that includes facility setup, business setup, administrative, accounting and human resources services, environmental compliance support and a willingness to help our customers establish independent operations at the end of the agreed upon shelter contract. Our customers have the option of leasing an entire building or operating in a shared shelter arrangement which leverages common services such cafeteria between noncompeting companies.

What makes MMS different from other shelter providers?

Our customers tell us that is our hands on approach. We see ourselves as an extension of our customers in Mexico. We recognize that your reputation is dependent on our integrity, competency and ability to support your needs, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our legal compliance record is excellent. In purchasing goods and services for our clients, we use our expertise in negotiation to ensure best pricing.

We team with our customers to implement training or continuous improvement initiatives as needed, combining our expertise in motivating and communicating effectively with Mexican workforces with their materials and/or program goals.

We aren’t in the real estate business. Instead, we see ourselves as experts in manufacturing in Mexico. We can lease buildings in any of Tecate’s industrial parks, help you find a standalone building or put you in a shared shelter arrangement. The determining factor is what makes sense for YOUR business needs.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility in providing the right mix of services to support each customer’s needs. We recognize that to stay competitive in today’s environment companies need to able to adjust business strategy or rapidly respond to changes in demand. As your partner in Mexico, we stand ready to help you meet those challenges.




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