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Benefits of a Shelter Solution

Our primary goal at MMS is to give our customers fast, high quality, cost competitive solutions. What benefits can your company expect from a shelter solution?

Fast Facility Startup
Just as companies who utilize contract manufacturing leverage their suppliers’ shared resources of production, your company will leverage MMS’ administrative resources and business expertise.

Tax Minimization Options
Business structure in Mexico has tax implications. We’ll walk you through the various business structure options for doing business in Mexico and discuss the cost/portability pros and cons of each option. With MMS, you have a variety of choices in this area.

Immediate Purchasing Clout
We’ve been doing business in Mexico for over two decades and that translates to strong business relationships and understanding of best pricing. A key part of the MMS value proposition is working to get the best pricing possible on the third-party materials and services that our team purchases on your behalf.

Experienced Administrative Management
Mexico’s laws, accounting practices and labor practices can be confusing. Our team has excellent management systems and a track record of strong compliance in these areas. Our expertise eliminates your learning curve.

Good Labor Relations
MMS has a good a reputation as an employer in the areas in which we operate. That facilitates
employee recruitment and helps minimize turnover.

Letting You Focus on What You Do Best
You are expert at manufacturing your product. We are experts at starting and growing manufacturing operations in Mexico. Our shelter solutions enable your team to focus on building product, while our team ensures that you have required resources in place.

The Best of Both Worlds
For some companies, shelter is not a permanent solution. At MMS, we listen to each customer’s desires in this area and structure a plan that supports transition to independent operation on our customers’ timelines. This flexibility eliminates your learning curve and provides you with a scalable operation as your Mexico facility grows to a size consistent with independent operation.




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