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Doing Business with MMS

At MMS, we have a focused process for assessing your shelter needs. It includes:

Needs Assessment
We discuss the planned scope of your operation and your short-term and long-term needs. The output is normally a manning table, estimated facility and service requirements and an understanding of the quote options you will require. Needs assessment may be part of a visit to your facility or done as part of your Location tour.

We quote the shelter business model options you prefer, based on the information provided during the Needs Assessment phase.

Location Tour/Site Selection
Your team tours our shelter offices and then looks at available facility options. Depending on customer preference, this may be done prior to or after quoting.

Quote Finalization/Contract Negotiation
Once site selection has been done and your final manning table and move-in plan has been agreed upon, we provide a finalized quote which incorporates any changes to initial assumptions. The shelter contract and lease are negotiated.

Facility Fit-up/Administrative System Setup
Our team creates a facility start-up plan that aligns with your timeline. We supervise any facility fit-up work that you have specified, set up the administrative systems we will manage, supervise inspections and required facility permitting processes, and assist you in getting needed Customs permits.

Facility Move-in
We assist you with equipment importation, utilities hook-ups and can subcontract local riggers and transport services and/or equipment installation and service personnel to support your move-in.

Labor Recruitment and Training
We recruit and train personnel to your requirements. We also ensure that appropriate employment contracts, work rules, and employee-related services such as cafeteria, nurse transportation or daycare are in place.

Ongoing Shelter Service Management
Once production begins we provide shelter support services based on the shelter business model we have agreed to. Should your needs change, we are happy to provide assistance.




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